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  • When Was The Last Time You Changed Your AC Air Filters?

    Staff|26 February 2021

    This season we’re all about giving our customers the gift of cleaner, colder, more comfortable air. Over the past few months, we’ve featured a series of helpful products and tips that can improve your indoor air quality. This month, we’ll be focusing on why and how often you should change your AC air filters. 

    Though your air filter may seem like a small part of your HVAC system, it actually has a big job that requires routine attention and maintenance. Changing your air filter once a month can go a long way in providing you with several key benefits you may not have even known existed, especially here in humid South Florida.

    What Does Your Air Filter Do?

    When your AC recirculates air throughout your home, that air often holds allergens, debris, dust, pollution, and pollen. These contaminants can affect your indoor air quality and ultimately make you and your family sick. Air filters are truly your first line of defense against these contaminants. They keep your air fresh and clean to breathe by preventing viruses and bacteria from circulating through your home. However, when the filter gets too dirty, not only does it compromise your indoor air quality but also the health of your AC unit. 

    Air Filter Benefits

    If your air filter isn’t replaced regularly, the buildup of dirt and debris will slow down the flow of air to the rooms in your home. As a result, your system will work harder to keep maintaining the ideal temperature, this can cause serious issues down the road that you will have to pay for.

    At Palm Air, we recommend that our customers change their air filters monthly. Doing so can provide several benefits, such as:

    • Reduced energy bills

    • Improved indoor air quality

    • Fewer AC repairs

    • Lengthened AC lifespan

    • Cleaner and colder home comfort

    We remember so you don’t have to!

    Help your AC continue doing its job efficiently by taking an easy step: signing up for the Palm Air Filter Club! We deliver high-quality filters that are designed to fit your air conditioners’ needs, right to your doorstep, every month. Call us today at 561 922-3199 for more information or click here to order your filters today. 

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