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  • What Is The Purpose Of An AC Return Air Vent?

    Palm Air AC|04 November 2016

    Without a return air vent, your air conditioner wouldn't be able to function properly. Return air vents do just that - return air! They work by pulling in warm air from your home through the vent where air is then pushed through a filter and finally through a series of ductwork back to the HVAC system to get cooled again. Return air vents are an important feature of A/C units as they aid in maintaining your home’s air pressure, air quality, and keeping utility costs low.

    Balanced Air Pressure

    The recirculating pump created by return air vents helps your HVAC system to maintain consistent air pressure. As cool air is released into your home the warm air has to escape back into the vents. When air is escaping your home and not being replaced with new air to maintain the air pressure in your home you could end up with negative air pressure. Negative air pressure can result in multiple symptoms that relate to various health issues. Some of the symptoms of negative air pressure in your home include:

    • Backdrafting appliances (i.e. fireplace, wood stove, hot water heater)
    • Mold and mildew
    • Moisture and condensation
    • A musty smell from the lack of fresh air
    • Stagnant and stale air resulting in high humidity

    Our homes need to ‘breathe’ just like we do, so when air escapes through bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers that air needs to be replaced to maintain a balanced air pressure. If your pressure is negative this means that your HVAC system is going to try and suck more air in than in can push out.

    Traps Airborne Particles

    Return air vents have a filter that traps airborne particles like hair, pollen, dust, and pet dander in order for clean air to be circulated back through the HVAC system. If these particles aren’t filtered properly it could cause extensive damage to your A/C unit. It’s important to change out the return air filter on a regular basis to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning properly.

    Reduces AC Energy Costs

    When return air vents are functioning properly, air can’t escape or leak out. If this is happening then air has to be re cooled from outside which uses a lot more energy as opposed to circulating already cooled air back through the HVAC system. A functioning A/C return air vent will guarantee extensive savings when it comes to your utility bill.

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