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  • The Dangerous Health Effects Of Dirty Air Ducts

    Palm Air AC|24 April 2016

    Dangerous side effects can afflict you and your family when the air ducts in your home are dirty. The ductwork in your home is responsible for transporting what should be fresh air, but when the inner workings are covered in dirt, dust and who knows what else, then that’s what will also fill your lungs. Many health concerns can arise when a home’s ductwork is dirty, especially here in humid Boca Raton, Florida. Educate yourself on the dangerous health effects of dirty air ducts and how to improve your indoor air quality with air duct cleaning.


    Allergy season in Florida is bad. Pollen swirls through the air and lands on every surface within reach. This includes your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit or heat pump. Allergens are pushed through the AC system and into the ductwork of your home then landing on all of your home’s inside surfaces.

    Air Conditioning Health Problems – Asthma, Sinus and Respiratory Issues

    Dust, mold spores and other bacteria growths accumulate in your air ducts over time and will blow through your home with every air conditioning cycle. If your ductwork is not regularly cleaned and maintained this will, obviously, get worse with time causing inflammation and many times leading to asthma attacks, sinus issues, respiratory infections for those in the home.

    Poor Indoor Air Quality

    While air can escape out of the ducts when there is a leak, air can also penetrate into the ducts. This air may include dust, dirt and other debris. In some cases, pests can work their way into the ducts to leave behind droppings and more. This ultimately can create a very unhealthy environment in your home because the air that is circulating throughout the space will be filthy. If you are concerned about indoor air quality or if you have a respiratory condition that is affecting your health, you may be particularly concerned about this problem.

    Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

    The ductwork in your home is like its circulatory system. The air duct system moves air from the heart of your AC system, through a series of channels in the body of your house, until it reaches each room to keep each part of the building cool and comfortable. Keeping this system clean and healthy provides important benefits:

    • Reduces the potential for mold and other bacteria growth
    • Helps your AC reach peak energy efficiency
    • Eliminates offensive odors
    • Blows air that is safe for you and your loved ones to breathe

    Professional Ductwork Inspections Save Time, Money and Health

    Professional HVAC technicians can use special testing equipment to determine if the air pressure from the ducts is suitable for the HVAC system. An unexpected difference in air pressure may be a sign that a duct that carries air to that area of the home is damaged in some way. This can help the technician to know where to look for duct damage.

    Have Your Dirty Air Ducts Cleaned by Palm Air AC in Boca Raton

    We don’t want to see anyone in South Florida suffering from the dangerous health effects of dirty air ducts. That’s why we have a trained team of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and ductwork experts who will ensure that your Broward or Palm Beach County home’s ductwork is clean and maintained to provide the healthiest efficiency possible. 
    Contact us today to schedule service.  

    The Dangerous Health Effects of Dirty Air Ducts

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