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  • How To Clean Your Air Conditioner's Condensate Drain Line

    Palm Air Staff|18 April 2017

    If you’ve ever taken a good look at your air conditioning unit, you may have noticed a small PVC pipe dripping line on the outside. This is the condensate drain, which plays an important role in removing condensation produced by your air conditioner’s evaporator coil. If the line isn’t properly cleaned, algae will grow inside and clog the drain potentially causing water damage to your home.

    Cleaning the line will remove clogs and blockages and prevent algae from growing. Items will you need to clean your A/C condensate drain:
    – Rags
    – A wet/dry vacuum
    – Distilled vinegar
    – A funnel

    Steps to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Drain
    1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system at the thermostat and at the breaker.

    2. If you have an indoor air handler in your attic or utility closet, you’ll need to find where the condensate drain line exits the home.

    3. If you see there is no water draining from the pipe when the A/C is running your drain line is probably clogged.

    4. Generally, clogged drains can be cleared with suction. If you have a shop vacuum, use it to pull the clog through the drain opening, which is located outside your house near the foundation. Place your hand around the pipe to improve suction and allow the vacuum to run for a minute.

    5. Next, you’ll need to identify the access point on the drain line. Usually, the drain will have a T-shaped vent with a PVC cover. Remove the cover and inspect the drain. Use this port to flush the drain with distilled vinegar. If you don’t like the odor, you can use peroxide to gently bubble away the remaining debris. Alternately, you can use hot water.

    6. Complete the cleaning by flushing the pipe with water. Have a helper watch the pipe outside and tell you if the water is running freely.

    You should also check the drain line periodically throughout the cooling season to ensure that condensation is being removed properly. Routine maintenance steps like checking your drain line can help keep your air conditioner providing comfort year round.

    If you’re unable to clean your air conditioner’s drain line, you may need a professional to clear a blockage in your AC Drain Line. Palm Air AC can clean the line and install an access vent, if necessary. Click here to schedule your service online or call 561 922-3199 today!

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