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  • Air Conditioning Repair Vs. Replacement

    Palm Air AC|26 April 2016

    Here in Boca Raton, Florida it can be hard to part ways with the air conditioning unit that has brought you so many cool, comfortable times.

    “Maybe I should call the AC pros at Palm Air for a repair,” you say.

    But how do you know when your air conditioning unit needs a tune-up, and when it needs to be replaced entirely? Don’t start another summer in South Florida without knowing for sure.

    Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner with Palm Air in Boca Raton

    Air Conditioner More Than 10 Years Old Should Be Replaced

    New, energy efficient air conditioners are a wise investment for your home. Energy efficient AC systems cut energy costs anywhere from 20-50 percent.

    AC Repairs Are Expensive and Increasing

    If you spend more than $600 per year on air conditioning repair, then you should highly consider upgrading to a new AC.

    Noisy Air Conditioning Still Disturbing

    Most noise issues with air conditioners are due to the need of maintenance. A seasonal tune-up and a clean air filter should have your AC run more smoothly, but if it doesn’t then the unit could need to be replaced.

    Increased Energy Costs

    Is your air conditioning system less than 10 years old yet your energy costs don’t seem to prove its energy efficiency rating? Make sure you have had your AC maintenance completed this season and you’re following energy efficient tips around the home. If energy costs continue to increase then you may need to replace the unit.

    Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement, Palm Air AC Has It Covered

    The certified HVAC professionals at Palm Air Conditioning are ready for any of your emergency AC repair or replacement needs in South Florida. Broward and Palm Beach counties can rest comfortably because whether an AC needs to be repaired or replaced, we are more than skilled to handle it. 
    Contact us to schedule service today.

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